Thursday, December 6, 2012

Summit Zero

A refuge on the seaside in the foothills of Mt. Olympus, home of the Greek Gods. We enjoyed many a night here, and were blessed with a good environment and always great company...even creating an international thanksgiving dinner. A great place to warm up next to a fire and have a glass (or two, or three...) of homemade raki. Most of our contribution was picking olives, but John also built a bar/reception area the old fashioned way (no power tools) out of old shipping pallets we collected throughout town. "The Rusty Nail" bar got its name from all the old nails we removed from the pallets and then reused. Always like repurposing materials. :) Even got the chance to hang around long enough to break in the bar on more than one occasion! Hope it's around for many years to come!

Our new friend, Henry...we hope he's on his way to finding home.

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  1. Hello guys!!!! Happy New Year with safe travels all the way along. It was really amazing meeting you and more than a work exchange relationship. You never know, we might meet out there somewhere. Keep in touch. Happy 2013!!!!
    Peri - Summit Zero / Rusty Nail