Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We're sitting at one of the many lodges at the Grand Canyon (El Tovar to be exact), enjoying the warmth before heading out to camp in the cold, 17 degrees at the moment...and its still early.  On this day, John says he's thankful for bourbon.  There may not have been turkey this Thanksgiving, but we're thankful for the adventure of it all.  Wishing we could be in many places at once, with all those we love.  Hoping you're all cozy'd up, stuffed full and blissed out.  Should have some good pictures of the canyon to come.
much love to you all.


Valley of Fire

Our accommodation outside Las Vegas, NV

Death Valley

Devil's Golfcourse

This is when John decided he had enough photos of the coyote

lowest point in N.America, 282ft. below sea level

Joshua Tree

Stayed for about 5 days soaking up the desert sun.  There's something mesmerizing about the quiet and warmth of this place..."oh, the serenity."  Who knew we could experience a bit of summer again in November.  Glad John was willing to make a return trip.  The lizards occupied this place, but no tarantulas this time, and no success in our hunt for the desert tortoise...guess there's always next time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Big Trees

O where to begin...we've reached full states of bliss in the land of the BIG trees.  We left Yosemite early, due to the ranger's bear scare. In doing so we were able to traverse down Kings Canyon NP, the last day before closing the road for winter.  It was an experience we would highly recommend. After that we moved onto Sequoia National Park.      

                           Yosemite Valley

El Capitan
There are at least 6 climbers that we know of up there

Tree Hugger


Kings Canyon

Boyden Cavern

Giant Sequoia top
Sequoia National Park

General Sherman 
Biggest Tree in the World (by volume)


the view leaving Sequoia

May the sun shine on your faces, 
the air be clean enough to breath deep, 
and the road as endless as your desire to travel it.

Friday, November 12, 2010


After over a month apart we're back on the road.  Headed towards Yosemite at the moment and then hitting as many national parks as possible on our way east before the weather hits, and while we're still dogless.  The following is a collaboration of our solo adventures over the past 5 weeks.  Mine mostly from northern California and John's loop around the west coast.  Enjoy.  Hope to update on a more regular basis now.  Love to all!!
john dubbed this "abandonment beach"

Mattole Valley beauty

there's a reason why its called the lost coast


Emma and Marin...part of my cali family love
Terra Rose and pumpkin

Somewhere in Cali

Big Sur sunset and campspot

Pasadena Heritage Weekend
The Greene and Greene Gamble House

Joshua Tree National Park

Fall is finally here

Big Horn Sheep in Zion
Zion National Park

The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mt. Rainier

The birthday boy Todd Lee and his best lady Dayna Lee

...and the trees just get bigger