Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Tetons

Racing the dying sun and imminent storm through the Tetons on our way to jackson hole, the brilliant colors of autumn and paramount landscapes around every corner offered a perfect ending to our year anniversary on the road.


After coming to this beautiful landscape there is no question as to why it became our nation's first national park.  From geysers (most popular being Old Faithful) to canyons and hot feels almost as if we were traveling through one of Tolken's books.  Amid the natural wonders still roam many species of wildlife most of which were elusive to us this trip.  However, the buffalo were again abundant in the hills.  

Devils Tower

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moving On...

And as fall approaches, and the leaves begin to change, we part with this beautiful place.  The circumstances that have led us here only continue to remind us that nothing happens by chance.  

Loss strikes hardest with those we love...and whether by choice or circumstance, its never easy to let go of those we care about.  For all those who have inspired and shared moments or years with us, thank you.  All we have is now.  Don't put things off, life is short, enjoy each and every moment of it. 

Blue Bell

After a day of riding the many trails in the park, come saddle up for a drink at the bar.  Also, our home over the past couple months, the lodge and surrounding area includes quite a bit of 'cowboy' charm and gorgeous wilderness along French Creek.

Not only was it hard to leave such a beautiful place, but also the amazing people that make everything run smoothly behind the scenes.  You are all lovely, and we hope to see you here or there sometime again in future.  
Until we meet again...cheers!

The Round-up

Every year the park rounds up as many of the buffalos as they can in order to brand and innoculate the young and cull the herd.  If you've ever been around a buffalo herd, you'd know they don't really like being herded.  This year went pretty smoothly, no injuries that we know of.