Sunday, July 15, 2012


A day trip to Zadar seemed to be the perfect getaway. With the help of some friends we ended up on a lovely boat ride to a cove of one of the many islands across the way. It was a great day to spend in the Adriatic, where the torquise waters are so stunningly clear and vibrant. On a day like this, it's hard to imagine any other place we'd rather be. Thank you Romana and Danko!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Storm Cloud

The introduction of a new horse to a herd is a very interesting sight to witness. There is a definite hierarchy within the existing herd and all of the horses will take their shot at the new guy, maybe not at first, but all in their own time. Needless to say, the stallion's responsibility in this situation is to let him know who the real leader of the herd is so that no one in the herd has any questions about it.

keeping the herd distracted with corn

the release

the chase

greeting Zahir, the stallion

the chase continues...without a foot on the ground

it will take a few weeks for things to settle down :)

Storm Cloud gets his name not by merely his coloration, but really by his overall energy. He has the ability to move quickly, and at times unpredictably, very amazing to watch. He likes to intimidate people and is very proud and dominant. He is a good reminder of the strength and wildness that all horses hold within them, and just like any good storm, can release in the blink of an eye.

Life in Lika

Did you know you could milk a horse?? Well, you can. Apparently it is good for auto immune diseases and has much more vitamins and minerals than other milks. It makes sense seeing how fast and strong these baby colts are growing! But the amazing thing about the milking process is that the mare can choose to withhold the milk. If the colt is not near enough, and she does not feel his skin on hers, then no matter how hard you try, there is no milk to be had. I found this very intelligent, and at the same time frustrating. :)


Friday market day

hard working man

lake Kruščica

Milica and Nightrider

These are the tipis we painted...think they turned out rather well.

Riverdance on the lookout

looking at the ranch and the valley of velika plan

cheese, walnuts, and pivo...yum!

Emily had 11 puppies this week while we were in the mountain. John was able to be here and witness as they multiplied. All are healthy and well, and look like Medo with spots ranging from light tan to black. This is them 4 days old, now we know why Emily got sooo big. Now she trots around light as a feather!