Sunday, July 8, 2012

Storm Cloud

The introduction of a new horse to a herd is a very interesting sight to witness. There is a definite hierarchy within the existing herd and all of the horses will take their shot at the new guy, maybe not at first, but all in their own time. Needless to say, the stallion's responsibility in this situation is to let him know who the real leader of the herd is so that no one in the herd has any questions about it.

keeping the herd distracted with corn

the release

the chase

greeting Zahir, the stallion

the chase continues...without a foot on the ground

it will take a few weeks for things to settle down :)

Storm Cloud gets his name not by merely his coloration, but really by his overall energy. He has the ability to move quickly, and at times unpredictably, very amazing to watch. He likes to intimidate people and is very proud and dominant. He is a good reminder of the strength and wildness that all horses hold within them, and just like any good storm, can release in the blink of an eye.

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