Sunday, July 24, 2011

Badlands & The Black Hills

From heavy rainfall to heaps of flooding, it's going to be a rough year for a lot of people.  The resilience of the spirit here is amazing.  After the reunion, we caravaned through the Badlands and sought refuge from the heat (108 degrees) in the Black Hills.  The weather there was beautiful sunny days, and cool Washington-like nights.  The landscape ranged from rolling prairies to jagged peaks, with prairie dogs, antelope, wild horses, bison and burrows along the way. 

Our first road buddies!

 Sylvan Lake

Largest wild horse sanctuary
500 head over 13,000 acres

Got to Rapid just in time for the town's "summer nights" festivities.

Hello South Dakota

We originally headed to South Dakota to catch a family reunion.  It was a last minute decision that we were both glad we made.  Only here will you find a palace made of corn and a circus in grandma and grandpa's back yard.  

Some people spend a lifetime piecing together a patchwork of people to call 'family' just so happens we're actually related to many of ours.  
Thanks for all the love and support throughout the years, especially now.  
We truly are blessed.

Farewell Cincinnati

A great last weekend in Cincy.  Downtown Fountain Square, dubstep city.
Miss you guys already!!

DJ Bitflip

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ode to Bai

Bailey had two main emotions:
happy/go mode and bored.

She was a punk, 
not always obedient, 
but showed her love with each return.

She was vivacious, 
always up for any adventure,
and always five steps ahead.

She had attitude and gumption, 
and loved to hike and fish.
She was as tough as they come.

She wore a pack,
boots, and googles.
She saw more country than most people get to.

She was special,
had an amazing spirit, 
and we will miss her.

We don't get to pick when our time here is up, 
but we do get to spend it the way we choose.
Enjoy every moment along the way.
Love, appreciate, and
resist nothing.


A bit of cold war history along with a 24 hour species inventory of the now 1,050 acre preserve.  Subject matter experts from all various fields (from plants to insects) identified all the species that now inhabit the Fernald Preserve.

Wolf Spider 
with babies on back

 Paddy's Run

 White-eyed Vireo

Leopard Frog