Friday, January 21, 2011

A day on the farm...

Milan, Indiana

looking through the barn

Bai & Maxwell
Found out this week that Bai had a bit more fox in her than we ever expected.  I gave her an egg while cooking one morning, to which she ran off with it, crunched and ate it in about 3 seconds, shell and all.  Great, now not only are the chickens not safe, but the eggs as well!

Versailles State Park
creek crossing

Heron in the midwest...reminds us of home


Upon arriving in Cincinnati before the holidays, we had another reunion...Bailey.  We think it's safe to say she missed us.  She had traveled eastward with the grand-p's ahead of us, so we could hit all the national parks between here and there. (Thanks mum&dad!)  It was amazing, but we did miss her.  Really would have been nice to have her with us in bear country...then again, maybe it's a good thing we didn't have her along.  She's cute and all, but most of the time she can be a punk, and there's still plenty of time for that in Appalachia!  It's been interesting to watch her make her own accommodation in the truck.  We look forward to traveling the east coast and more with her, while she can still carry her own pack.

Bailey aka "the Punk"

"Home" for the Holidays

It's been a while, busy time of year, hope everyone's holidays were filled with cheer!  We made it back to Ohio on John's 75th night in the truck, over 10,000 miles was really nice to sleep in a bed with a bit more head room :).  Having not lived in my hometown in over 10 years, it will be interesting re-discovering and exploring the surrounding sights while spending more time with family.  We're looking forward to it! 

The Queen City

the Ohio River
looking south to Kentucky

Turkey Vulture
Feels like the Adams Family house as vultures inhabit the neighboring trees unlike any year before...

Mt. Airy Forest

Papadosio on New Year's Eve
a great Christmas present!! 
***Wishing everyone the best of everything in 2011***