Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meet the Family

We are blessed to be surrounded by such a large and wonderful animal family at the moment. We would like to introduce them all to you, as they are a large part of our daily routines here on the ranch. It is the first time we've worked with a herd of horses (12 to be exact) and getting to see how the hierarchy works within the herd is quite an experience. From the time the foals are born they follow their mothers, even on trail rides. It is a wild herd mentality, but they are well socialized. They live as naturally as possible together on the many acres surrounding the property, and really do just get to be horses.


"Medo" (honeybear)
croatian mountain dog

istrian longhaired pointer

croatian warmblood, stallion recently gelded

tobiano pinto pony, alpha mare

"Moon Cloud"
tobiano/warmblood foal

"Starlight" and "Donna"
warmblood/lipizzaner colt and lipizzaner mare

warmblood/tobiano filly

lipizzaner/draft cross

tobiano pinto pony

quarter horse gelding

anglo-arab gelding

lipizzaner/warmblood filly

"Storm Cloud"
lipizzaner gelding

"Night Rider"
the newest addition, who we just found today as Milica has been keeping him well hidden. Not sure if there are others in the litter, for now he's the only one, and we are glad to have him. :)


A trip to this small ferry town makes for a great day of relaxing and swimming in the refreshing waters of the sea. As much of the water comes from underground caves, the inlet in which we swam also had an underground river running into it. So crystal clear are the waters that you can even see past your toes to your shadow at the bottom.

Sandy beaches are rare, so you'll find diving spots off village piers.

Zavratnica Protected Landscape

Velebit National Park

We headed up into the mountains for a week. It was full of beautiful valleys and abundant wildlife. We were surrounded by lush greenery and good company.
It was a great first trip!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome to Croatia

Our path has led us to a lovely ranch and retreat in Croatia, close to the mountains and the coast. The landscape is beautiful and the people are kind. We have many more pictures to come, but we head for a week long trek into the mountain in the morning, so for now...heres a few to share with you.