Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ode to Bai

Bailey had two main emotions:
happy/go mode and bored.

She was a punk, 
not always obedient, 
but showed her love with each return.

She was vivacious, 
always up for any adventure,
and always five steps ahead.

She had attitude and gumption, 
and loved to hike and fish.
She was as tough as they come.

She wore a pack,
boots, and googles.
She saw more country than most people get to.

She was special,
had an amazing spirit, 
and we will miss her.

We don't get to pick when our time here is up, 
but we do get to spend it the way we choose.
Enjoy every moment along the way.
Love, appreciate, and
resist nothing.


  1. So glad I could be with her for her last adventure with us. Always 5 steps ahead is right, til the bitter end. Though I know her spirit lives on, just wish I could touch her face... She will and is already very much missed. Love you guys

  2. oh this just brought a tear to my eye. i'm sorry... but how lucky you were to have such a good dog while you did. xx m*

  3. What a sweet, sweet pup she was. I'm so sorry she's not here anymore but it looks like you gave each other one helluva ride while you could :)


  4. I just happened to check in on you guys today and... sad face and tons of tears!!! I loved that crazy punk! You were so blessed to have an amazing friend like her and I know you will forever hold her memory dear! Brooke, I remember when you first got her those fabulous sunglasses and how much she love, love, loved them! Sending you both hugs and much love... Tara M.

  5. she was a very lucky pup! <3