Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We're sitting at one of the many lodges at the Grand Canyon (El Tovar to be exact), enjoying the warmth before heading out to camp in the cold, 17 degrees at the moment...and its still early.  On this day, John says he's thankful for bourbon.  There may not have been turkey this Thanksgiving, but we're thankful for the adventure of it all.  Wishing we could be in many places at once, with all those we love.  Hoping you're all cozy'd up, stuffed full and blissed out.  Should have some good pictures of the canyon to come.
much love to you all.



  1. Hey! Don't know if you guys are still in this area... but I am now! I'm about an hour and a half south of you if you're still at the canyon. Go figure. Happy holidays! Love.

  2. Woo finally figured it all out and now I can comment muahahahha!! Everything sounds awesome, I'm glad you both are enjoying yourself. Couple of things I feel I should mention, one being you could have killed two birds with one stone by buying Wild Turkey Bourbon. Then you would have had a turkey for thanksgiving and John has his bourbon! -John, I hear from the Russians that Vodka works just as well. Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing you, (hopefully both of you) around the end of December, stay safe until then.