Sunday, December 30, 2012


Most people don't come to the islands for the holidays, in fact, most of the folks that heard we were heading this way thought we were crazy. They come during summertime when there is a guarantee of sunshine, the island is bustling with the energy of all those exploring it and all the businesses are open to cater to them. The thing is, we aren't most people. We enjoy off season traveling...being the only ones on a beach, boardwalk or sunset spot. After seven months of traveling, working/volunteering and being on the move, Santorini ended up being the perfect location for our holiday together. The white washed buildings topped the cliffs like a blanket of snow, the sunshine making it all the more vibrant. To us it felt like a Samish Island summer, which we always enjoyed. :)
Happy Holidays to you all!

Thanks to Santa and friends for helping us make this trip possible and reminding us to make some time just for us. We love you all!

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