Thursday, December 2, 2010

Land of the Hoodoos

Wow and Brrrr.  Bryce Canyon, although not really a canyon, is sandstone naturally eroded by 200 nights a year of freezing and thawing precipitation...eventually creating the formation of the hoodoos.   After not being able to hike into the Grand Canyon due to ice, we acquired some "yaktrax" to help in the journey down amongst the hoodoos.  We figured this was way cheaper than breaking a hip or leg or worse!  Now, we're unstoppable!  The energy is amazing in this place, and unlike anything we've seen yet.  (Bryce, now we know why you're so special :) )

Inspiration Point overview


Winter Rose?

The cliffs erode into arch form and then into the hoodoos

Relaxing after the hike
notice the "yaktrax"


  1. Hope you guys will be able to get the package we are sending! It's from St. Nick after all. Again, incredible pics! Love you, mum &dad

  2. This place looks awesome! Super duper pics :)

  3. Everything looks amazing guys. Take your time. Enjoy.