Monday, December 6, 2010


"Don't just stand there, do something"

Petrified sand dunes

Landscape Arch

Delicate Arch

If only I could do it all over again. On this day I felt utterly bested. -J
Reminds us of your lil truck Molly, o the possibilities!


  1. Stopping by to say What Up! Hope you 2 are doing great, these pictures are so groovy, keep 'em coming!

  2. ahhha love the pic of John, really did make me laugh - out loud.
    And all they need is a fireplace in that house and I think you would really be bested.
    Keep um comin!!

  3. two words come to mind, WOW and JEALOUS! these pics are amazing. i can't imagine what a great experience you must be having. got your postcard today. funny cuz i've been thinking about you. i know chicago isn't exactly scenic but you're always welcome to add it to your journey and pop a squat for a while. :)