Saturday, December 5, 2015

Road Trip

From the natural world to one of culture, reuniting with family, making new friends and enjoying many good foods along the way... this road trip was a quick tour of the New England states.  Blessed for the little time we had and the season in which we had it.  Fall is a time for change and transition, and always our favorite time for travel... we just happened to be in the most beautiful part of the country for the colors to change.  Enjoy!

apple picking day :)

a trip to the capital city...

the Natural History Museum had a rock and gem exhibit...naturally we enjoyed.

Geno’s vs Pat’s in Philly
Touristy I know but it had to be done...

Pat’s left, Geno’s right

The winner... Pat’s! Geno’s might have edged on the roll but Pat’s had better meat and more of it. Nice and cheesy too.

Where everyone knows your name in Boston...

old meets new, Boston

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

lobster roll

Portland, Maine

farmer’s market



true that.

outside Chelsea market

can’t visit NYC without grabbing a slice!

Hudson, NY

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