Monday, June 1, 2015

Road to the Keys

After a winter hibernation we got back on the road to sunny Florida. What started as an opportunity to join my sister at an aerial yoga clinic in Sarasota and for John to get lazy on the beach for a bit, evolved into a first time journey down to the Florida keys, and as far as the road would take us. :)  We were fortunate, as always, to get to experience new landscapes and make many new friends.

Ca’ d'Zan (House of John)...

 The winter residence of John and Mable Ringling (of the Ringling Bros. Circus)

Massive property also has a fine art museum as well as a Ringling Circus museum

...and a decent backyard.

Every window on the house is a mosaic of stained glass creating an amazing energy inside.

A forest of Banyon trees on the property

You know your in the Everglades when...

Little shanty in Key Largo afforded us a relaxing spot to slumber

native to the keys, but reminded us of Madrona

the clear water that comes with white sand beaches :)

Authentic Key Lime Pie (one of several)

7 mile bridge

your own private island

you have to get going so fast to clear that gap!

Bahia Honda State Park

Hemmingways house Key West

end of the road

Siesta Key

quartz sand never gets hot...

...but the water does, 80 degrees in April!

The following are a few photos from the Aerial Yoga teacher training clinic at Reflex Arts in Sarasota, and of my sister’s studio where she will be teaching private later lead into aerial silk lessons.  If you are in the Cincinnati area and are interested in trying it out, you can contact her at:


sitting prayer

shoulder stand

downward dog

   Whether you just need to take the weight off your joints and lengthen your spine, get a different perspective from the world upside down or reconnect to your inner child while flying through the air... I’ll also be traveling with my hammock and look forward to sharing my practice along the way.