Monday, May 18, 2015

Catching Up

We have been blessed to have spent this winter into spring getting to visit with many family members from all over the country.  Although we have recently felt a little lost on our own path, we remember there is a divine timing to everything...and in this moment, we are exactly where we are meant to be.  You can’t wish away parts of your journey wanting for something different.  All you can do is work towards your true purpose in this life.  Sometimes finding out what exactly that is...well, that’s all part of the journey  ; )

  Lately, we’ve found meaning in everyday projects...enjoying cooking for those we love, learning to bake the best bread, creating stained glass art pieces, remodeling a kitchen and more, playing with horses and goats, learning the art of aerial yoga, and researching our next steps.
For those of you we haven’t seen in awhile, we hope to soon...or at least have an open door for you to come visit.  :)  Stay true to yourself, and remain thankful.  We are sure thankful for all of you.**

Birthday crepes :)

fresh baked rye, white and wheat breads

From snow, to freezing rain... clear blue skies, and snow.   :)

Valentine’s Day :)

 And then, as a result of all the snow and rain...

...the mighty Ohio River overtakes its banks.

a unicorn goat :)

flower of life

Stained glass flower of life window and lotus flower

John’s fav, Dutch Baby (aka Babies Daddies)

a birthday pie :)

the difference between a goose egg and chicken eggs

Nature’s Easter basket

dogwood blooms

garden stakes :)

spring has sprung and the garden blooms

 Flower Tetrahedron

how the tulip tree gets its name

Ivory and Stella, 2 days old

winter sycamore

 old linoleum floor

new tiled floor

created new built in cabinet space

 getting ready to pour concrete slab for the new kitchen table/prep island...

This is our signature on the bottom :)


old kitchen cabinets

same cabinets after a little love

first gathering in new kitchen!!

old front door & new front door

 Brightened up the entry way by opening up the dated coat closet, to a nice “mud nook"

pendant and dogwood flower

Sally or Sammy, not sure which...

breakfast with Clancy :)

strawberries are almost here!

new grain matched white oak slats and some fresh paint :)

stained glass earrings

lily pad on kayak adventure

aerial yoga fun :)

Having not been in Ohio for springtime in many years, we are taking in and appreciating all the colors of the season.  Enjoying each and every bloom. :)

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