Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pogradec to Sveti Naum

We spent a night in Pogradec, on the Albanian side of Lake Orhid before walking across the border to the Sveti Naum Monastery in Macedonia. Still on the lake, it made for a beautiful stop. The peacocks surrounding the monastery were majestic. Never realized they could fly as high as they could, and they put on quite the show. You would have loved it, Kass!
We waited for a bus that never came, and so then decided to give our thumbs a try. Before long we were on our way with a priest who had just given a baptism that morning. It was a lovely coastal ride up to the town of Orhid and very much appreciated.



The giro. Every evening without fail, between 6:30 and 8:30 everyone comes out to enjoy an evening walk along the water (or in Berat, one of the main streets were used). It reminds us of a parade, but for any occasion. There are vendors selling sunflower seeds and ice cream...and everyone walks, leisurely. Although it is social, it isn't as well. It's more of see and be seen, whilst greeting your neighbors. We found it to be a rather good tradition.

leaving Albania

Sveti Naum

...and because he kept spinning around...
wanted to share the full view with you too!

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