Sunday, June 2, 2013


Our time spent in Albania was a unique one in that we got to spend a large majority of our time in the town of Berat. An interesting experience to be sure. Called the town of "1001 windows" complete with a castle on the hilltop. A village still resides within the citadel walls, and for still being in Europe, you feel drawn back in time. Where horses and donkeys are still used to plough fields. The roads, or lack of road in places, are always a major discussion point among travelers and tourists, as well as the rubbish 'collection' or lack there of. Many things may change in the upcoming days, but for now it is just the experience of being in this place. So, take it for what it is...the bus schedules are 'flexible', prices are considered cheap, the stuffed eggplant is amazing and drinking raki is a must.

We took a communist tour which explored many of the bunkers on the surrounding hillsides. It is said that over a million were built in preparation of a possible invasion by Russia that never came. Most have fallen into ruin and are also used for farming purposes, animal shelters and places to escape the sun.

view of the castle and citadel

We were able to attend the Folk Festival in town, although usually outside was moved indoors due to rain. Hard not to feel a political pressure due to the upcoming elections, but amazing music, most of which has probably never been recorded.

a view towards Gorica

the church on the hillside

a fig and cherries

Bogove Waterfall

Tortoises are everywhere here.
Faster than your average and quite the climbers too!

Ended up working at a hostel, meeting many amazing travelers who came through. Enjoyed our time sharing stories and just being in this place. Look forward to seeing all the finished renovations.
Thanks again for the ridiculous adventure, Scott!

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