Monday, February 18, 2013

Green Rays of Light

It was a last minute decision to come to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), but so far it has been a good one. We have enjoyed all of our experiences and learning more about permaculture methods and having our hands in the soil, watching plants grow. Once again we are surrounded by puppy love on the farm here, as there are 6 Argentine Dogo pups here to socialize and love. This winter is one of the mildest we have ever experienced, and having not packed our winter coats, we appreciate every day of sunshine. We have been blessed with many morning yoga sessions and weekend excursions.
Life is good.

wheat grass

Raychel with the pups

Aiesha and Zia

Clover flowers, edible and tasty

Kitty Bey (aka Mr. Kitty)

upcycled basket from old plastic bags and olive tree clippings

sunflower sprouts

Nelson, Ella...and...hard to tell...

Planting old celery stalks and watching new ones grow.

Lady bug on chia.

The main pest in the greenhouse, the caterpillar.

mustard seedlings

broccoli loving bees

O' California, we will miss you.

Jesse and John making an herb spiral.


making bunny habitat

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