Wednesday, February 27, 2013


These names are interchangable depending on who you talk to and where their loyalties lie. The history and many conflicts over the territories that now encompass the Northern and Southern parts of Cyprus are far too much to discuss in our blog here. With that being said, many places now hold two names, one being Greek, the other Turkish. This is where we've called 'home' for the past month or so. Just waiting for the water to warm a little more. Never thought we'd be able to comfortably swim in the sea by the beginning of March, but as the days progressively warm, the chances look good.

Kyrenia Harbor

Not many sand beaches in Girne, but we found a few patches.

Unfortunately much of the coastline is covered in this way. If not by glass, then by plastic. Serves as constant reminders to pack out everything, and leave nothing behind but your boot prints.

Boat trip day. We were very lucky to have seen the Kyrenia harbor and seaside upclose and enjoy an afternoon on the water.

Toru enjoying the atmosphere.

Kurt in the engine room.

Captain on route to sunshine.

Escaping stormy skys, but enjoying calm waters.

Catch of the day.
Helped a spear fisherman who appeared to be stranded.

Kyrenia Castle

Bellapais, otherwise known as the Abbey of Peace. It is regarded as the most beautiful example of Gothic art in the Near East.

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