Monday, March 12, 2012


Construction of the remodel is still underway.  We're holding off those pictures until everything's completed.  In the meantime, the days go by.  Hoping this finds you all in good health and surrounded by people and places you love.

Seattle's record snow...

made igloo building and decorating possible,

as well as splitting rounds of wood. :)

neighborhood view on a semi-clear day
Mt. Rainier

the birds of bothell

**kitty reunion**
so great to visit with Puma & Chino once again!

visits back to bayview and bow

Meet Moag. A new addition to our 'extended' family.

natural horsemanship lessons

hiking and biking with Kassidy :)

we've been lighting many a candle for those we love :)

crossing many waterways on our way to Seattle, and now with the new 520 toll, it makes it even more of an event somehow.

first signs of spring
hope you're enjoying it!!

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  1. Aw Moog town! And kitties too, glad they're doing well!