Friday, January 13, 2012

Salt Spring Island, BC

Not knowing exactly where we were headed...we ended up finding a fabulous little goat farm with great cheese on an island off the coast...hiking around the top of a mountain...soaking in mineral waters at an Ayurvedic spa...finding the merino sweater I love...and drinking large amounts of champagne.  Naturally. :) 

from one moment to the next

Mt. Maxwell view

my birthday card :)

a lot of candles or a little cake??

...and I begin my third decade.  Spent on the largest gulf island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada...Salt Spring.  Although we did get our fair share of rain, as is typical of my birthday in the pacific northwest, it was delightful to explore a new island and relax in the mineral waters found there.  It's amazing at just how much there is to learn and experience on a daily basis if you have your eyes open to it.  Looking forward to a month of birthday celebration!  
Wishing you all a wonderful year of blessings, adventure and love.
Cheers!!  b