Friday, January 2, 2015

Stained Creations

We started this post around this time last year, but never got it out until now...

The past couple of months have been more of an inward journey for the both of us. If we haven’t been in the best of touch, this could be why. We have celebrated another 2 birthdays and have lately been spending much of our time doctoring, cleansing, exercising and creating. We’ve picked up a new hobby and have enjoyed incorporating our love of color and light in the physical form of stain glass. It has been great having a workspace for these winter months while visiting with family in the midwest. It is March and still snowing, and we are very grateful for a warm place to be and for the time to catch up and visit with family we hadn’t seen in years. Every moment has truly been a gift.

Our future path is still undetermined, as it often seems to be. A good friend once said “follow your inner flow”...and so we are trying to do just that. We are planning on staying in the country this year, and hope to find work that will continue to inspire us and others while leaving us fulfilled at the end of each day. Right now, we believe those opportunities lie somewhere around the continental divide, but only time will tell.

My sister has been kind enough to post some of our creations, if you are interested in any of them,
 you can find them here:
Most are hand drawn, and then cut, ground and soldered into glass forms.

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