Monday, September 23, 2013

Cinque Terre

Part of our 'last hurrah' in Italy was to make it to Cinque Terre, where five coastal towns are connected only by train and hiking trails. Once just sleepy fishing villages, they are now protected by parks and sought out by many a tourist and traveler. Although many of the trails along the coast where closed due to recent mud slides, it gave us the opportunity to take the much less traveled trails up through the hillside vineyards. They awarded the most spectacular views! We couldn't imagine harvesting grapes on these hillsides, but came across many rails in which the grapes would be collected in crates and rolled down hill. The area is thus known for its white wine, as well as sardines, pesto and honey gelato. Yum!



From the train station to the town of Corniglia there are over 300 stairs to climb, but when you get there...honey gelato awaits. :)



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