Friday, May 3, 2013

The same day...REALLY!?!

The mountains and our family of animals and friends made Papingo a hard place to leave. A final ride and trip down to the river make for lasting moments to remember this lovely place. We look forward to a return trip one day. Until then, we leave with fond memories and would highly recommend a visit.

A memento of our time with the goats,
hopefully one of our own will wear it one day!
...and that afternoon after we had departed, the first foal arrived. After waiting for weeks, checking bellies and feeling kicks, one of the three expected foals were born! Thanks to Daphne and Thaana's photos, it almost felt like we were there. Welcome little Mirage, glad you finally made it. :)
(Warning: graphic horse birth photos to follow)

Mirage and Sisi

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