Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Our time here was mostly spent hiking around and appreciating all the natural wonders as well as learning more about the history of the area. On first glance, it reminded us immediately of a combination of Bryce Canyon and Mesa Verde, with the fairy chimeys and rock dwellings. Most of our time spent in Cappadocia was a bit overcast, blustery and cold due to the time of year, but it was still a spectacular setting to explore. As it is usually a busy tourist destination, we found ourselves alone on most of our hiking endeavors. The landscape is mesmerizing, and our friends were right that the area definitely has 'soul'. Glad we made the visit on our way back to Istanbul.

Among the dwellings are many churches built by early Christians.

signs of fall and winter

Ended up hiking into some narrows which eventually took us into an underground tunnel system. When we finally came out, we had overshot our destination by a mile or so.

We had a couple friends join us to watch the hot air balloons. :)

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