Monday, October 8, 2012

Two Down

It's now been two years since we left our home on Samish Island to explore the world. Crazy how time flys. Some tell us never to return to 'normality' while others ask when we'll feel ready to 'settle down'. It's interesting, that most times we feel we end up having to choose. Just like with everything in life, it's finding the right balance and what feels right for you. Right now we are content living the lives of nomads, lucky to find places to call home for periods of time before moving on to the next lovely spot. For us, it is a journey of not only exploration, but increasing our skill base. Learning from others, contributing, and hopefully growing. We ultimately want to live a life as sustainable as possible. It's hard to say, self-sustainability, as most of the time you need a good community to establish this. And so we learn from those who have done so before us, and those who are trying. We take note on what works and what doesn't. We know we eventually want a place, but at this moment, think we're okay with not knowing where. This we do know: wherever we are and whatever we're doing, we will always have a great appreciation for how we got there. Inşallah.
Here's some pictures from the past year, in no particular order.
Hope you enjoy!

Be thankful and enjoy every moment.
And when close enough, squeeze your loved ones as often as you can!
With appreciation and love for you all,

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