Monday, September 10, 2012


We were blessed to spend a week in Istanbul before heading down the coast for a friend's wedding outside of Bodrum. Nearly immediately upon arrival to this city which separates east from west we took notice of a couple of things. One being the call to prayer, which is chanted through microphones to be heard throughout the city. The first time we ever heard it we were standing between the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofya which face each other, taking in the sights. It was quite a beautiful moment, which we found happens five times a day. Secondly, you'll find the city to be full of cats. Not stray cats, well maybe some of them are...but all very loveable, happy and seemingly healthy cats. It seems they get their love and care from everyone in the city, and make a home just about anywhere. A week is way too short a time to capture it all, and we hope to make it back for visits in future.

Blue Mosque

The Grand Bazaar

Aya Sofya

our rooftop terrace hostel with wonderful views

Turkish tea

the Spice Bazaar

Prince's Islands
(no cars only horse and buggy)

Arzu's wedding day.
What a beautiful setting for such a beautiful couple. We were so happy to share in the celebration of this occasion! Everything was so lovely. We wish you both all the best in all the years ahead together! Şerefe!

...and all while a blue moon rises...

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