Monday, May 28, 2012

Puerto Rico

Our time spent with our friend Alric and his family and friends was absolutely amazing. Everyone was so nice and hospitable, the waters are warm enough to swim for hours, and all the food is so delicious. Our advice, have a local order for you and try everything, you'll like it :)
...and find as many beaches as you can, there are all shapes and sizes, black sand and white...and just enjoy, you're on island time!

the local beach

El Yunque National Forest

After our hike through the rainforest, we found a little place with Medalla
on tap!! (It is a popular Puerto Rican beer that we usually got in slushy form in a can, finding it on tap is rare)

This is Coco, he tries to bite everyone but Alric.

washington's face

Many horses roam the neighborhoods like dogs,
although they appear wild, they do have owners.

A sugar cane press which produces a delicious drink that gives you quite the sugar high! (Not for children)

Rio Camuy Cave Park is the third greatest cave system in the world.
We had fun exploring it.

Cueva Clara, the main entrance to the cave is over 170ft. high.
Can you see the Indian face?

The cave formations make for cool abstract designs.

A beautiful sunset on our roadtrip in Rincon, enjoyed with a coconut booze concoction.

This is flan, it is delicious...made by a friend's mum on our last night. Thank you all so much, the trip would not have been the same without you. We hope to make it back one day and see you all again
on your beautiful island!

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