Friday, November 11, 2011

One Year

It has been quite a year.  Humbling, heart-breaking, and wonderful.  Big thanks for all of the endless support and hospitality from so many along the way...from a warm meal or stay, to a listening ear...your kindness is not forgotten.  Life is crazy beautiful, and the following is a compilation of our favorite memories and photographs from the past year.  We hope that you enjoy!!


  1. Hey great pix! I just got your postcard, what a joyous surprise! Hope you all are doing awesome. I am just polishing off the last bowl of delicious Skyhigh Chili. I thought of you everytime I've reheated it the past week or so. Thanks for the treats and looking forward to seeing your soon! Love Megan

  2. Hi Brooke, Amazing photos and inspiring tales :-) Em and I are following in your footsteps and taking off for a year(give-or-take) to explore NZ. Looking forward to our adventures and will keep you posted - nice not to have plans and know we are able to follow whatever turns up. Loves, Anna